Pill Viaduct


Discussion on ST5275

Pill Viaduct, John Thorn.
Many a long day trundling through here on the line to Bath and back, half the schoolboys "jump ship" at this station and the rest of us proceed on to Portishead. The most excellent train for scrawly homework and in the low, glaring early morning sun for revising test German vocabulary. Mr Keating's mathematics must have suffered in alignment from these bends as it was supposed to be inside the squares on the paper, they never had it so good (MacMillan) and do not know what they are missing in school today, which is why I do not teach them. If the Rail Track had known what we knew trying to follow the last page of revision as the sun beat through the seat spaces flashing over our eyes as we drew into Bath Spa in a last ditch attempt to stem the wrath of the gods as we rushed into class, even sometimes while walking up the road past the Bowers' factory, they would not have piled up the train at Paddington west. This and the reach across the North Wales estuary are terrible to ride if you look down, so Keith got out at Ham Green on his own before this viaduct, but then he lived there. If there is ever a new rail put in it will have some tough work in construction, perhaps we could have a new high speed line to the Chunnel straight to the back of The Vale estate, Portishead, courtesy of Richard Branson. Thank you for this photograph, great to see it. More steel works, Vive City of Bath technical School.


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