c. David Warren          Posted on Windows Live 24/07/2009 a comment on a photograph of St. James Hall Bath.


I rarely get back to Bath these days, but whenever I do, and see this building, I think of an incident in the hall during a music lesson. Does anyone else recall it? Stan Hinge was the music teacher. Usually perched on a chair with cigarette between his lips as he played the piano during singing lessons - so called.


One day the class was particularly unruly. 'Killer' Keating was holding a class downstairs. He heard the commotion and stormed into the main room where we were. Not sure what happened for him to single out one particular boy - Martin (surname). Martin took a knife from his pocket and held it at the throat of Mr Keating.


I remember his calls to us, "You'll witness this lads; you'll witness this lads, won't you?" I remember being terrified, but eventually Mr Keating overpowered Martin and dragged him through the streets back to Weymouth House. At assembly the next morning the Head announced that Martin had been expelled.


Those were the days! Martin was the son of a soldier at Colerne (I think) and originally had come from Malta.