Hi Bill I have been in touch with Ray White (Left in 1957) who has sent me a
fabulous pickie of where he lives in Crete complete with details of a
holiday let. Know of any cheep flights? Excluding Icharus!!! I will let you
know about Saturday I may have "the cleavage"!!!!! Tony

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Subject: Re: Contact from Friends Reunited - Tony Madden

Hi Tony,
I am glad you found the episode both amusing and stimulating .. it was, as
you now know .. my wife .. who`s MSN membership account is used to provide
me with an extra 3 megabytes of much needed storage for documents etc on the
School Web Site.
The story of her possible attendance actually made the Bath Chronicle last
night, and Carole was amused to see her name in print. No doubt this will
have stimulated a bit more interest in a few of the old boys to attend, and
will undoubtedly will have added greatly to the interest that has been
generated so far. I`m sure that Doug and many of our age group will attend,
(if only to get a glimpse of the legendary Mrs. Williams cleavage.)
I do hope the event is a resounding success, and add with regret, that
myself and the good lady Carole Ann will not be able to attend due to family
commitments, even though the thought of guests of honour did tempt us away
from our original intentions just for a second or two.
To keep up the interest in the forthcoming event, the real story will never
make the Web Site, I don`t want to spoil the curiosity value gained so far,
and the illusions of a great number of both members and casual viewers of
the site.
In closing, it would be great if the publicity generates a few more of the
Old School members, (both teachers, and pupils) to perhaps contribute to
our School Web site, and take a trip back in time to what was a very special
and unique Bath School.
Best Wishes, Bill.

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Date: 19 February 2003 11:17
Subject: Contact from Friends Reunited - Tony Madden

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I now know who is the "Mrs Williams" who many, self included, thought was
the mystical "MRS. W." of some time at the Tech.No female distractions in my
days, only Mrs.Dart the heads and I suppose the Schools secretary, lusted
after by one Paul Tozer of my years.Thanks for the fun. Pity Mrs.Williams
can't attend, but I am sure she will be a topic of conversation for many of
us. Tony Madden.