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From: Rich Lanham >
Date: 21 February 2002 20:15
Subject: Bath Tech.

Hi Bill,
Sorry for not replying before, I've got a tempermental PC! I've joined the MSN page and was really surprised at all the faces that I'd forgotten. Tell me, Roger Baines RIP? Is this correct? I had no idea, we played in the school 1stXV together with Dave Gay and a few others. I'm shocked!!!
If it's any help with teachers names,I think the one that says Maths is Stan Stennett,RE is John(jock)Frew and Steel is Dickie Harbour. I'm a bit short on time right now but I'm delighted to hear from you and to be enjoying the site.
Best Wishes,Rich (tank) Lanham.
Form 1P in Sept 1961.
Left in 1966.

Hi Rich,

Yes I`m a shocked as you are, but I don`t think that Mr. Sibley ( First name forgotten ) who is married to a friend of my wife`s, would misinform me about such a serious matter,..... I was tempted to contact Burningham & Brown , apparently where he worked ( according to Andrew Short ( On FRU Site )) - but thought better of it , as I did not really know him , and I did not want to be the cause of any undue distress..........Below is the extract form No.2 bulletin regards to Roger and the piece received from Andrew Short.

Roger Baynes ( R.I.P.) Just to let you know about the sad news I received last night ( Saturday ), from an Old Boy in " Y " stream that I met at the Bath Pavilion, he informs me that Roger died this year, he used to play rugby with him - I would like you to join with me in a silent tribute to someone, who so very full of the essence of life, should meet such an untimely, abrupt end.

Andrew also played cricket with Roger Baynes ( Not Baines ) until the early seventies. he remembers that Roger used to work in Bath at Birmingham & Brown? accountants in Gay Street. Bath

Thanks to you for the info on the Teachers, ( I must get round to updating these Photos soon ), If you want any of the School Photos`s from `62 or `64 let me know which & I will forward it to you ( In .jpg file format x 5 in total about 1.8 mb ). Then you can pehars extract your own faces, give names to them, and pop them onto the Site for us all to see.

I Don`t know where you live at the moment, but the offer is open to go to the Swan at Pennsylvania on the 27th of this month if you want it,. might see you there.......

Regards, Bill