Various photographs that John Stickland, Anthony Eccles, Stuart Stickler, Bill Williams who attended the kemble Steam & Transport Rally in 2009 shared on the Windows LIVE Website.

kemblerally_small.jpg p1000421_small.jpg p1000422_small.jpg p1000423_small.jpg
p1000424_small.jpg p1000425_small.jpg p1000426_small.jpg p1000427_small.jpg
p1000428_small.jpg p1000429_small.jpg p1000430_small.jpg p1000431_small.jpg
p1000432_small.jpg p1000433_small.jpg p1000434_small.jpg p1000435_small.jpg
p1000436_small.jpg p1000437_small.jpg p1000438_small.jpg p1000439_small.jpg
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